About Us

Eureka Process Technology Sdn. Bhd. (herein after referred to as “EPT”) is an ASEAN based company incorporated and headquarered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with business in the ASEAN region primarily into primarily into distribution of storage, unified networking and security products with value-added and support of the products that we distribute and sell to our channel.

Our principal is inclusive but not limited to the following in alphabetical order :-
Chelsio Communications, Infortrend, Open-E, Promise Technology, (Three-Gen) 3Gen Data Systems.

Since EPT’s inception, we aim to be one of the leading storage, unified networking and security solution distributor in the ASEAN region mainly into data-center, enterprise, high-frequency trading, manufacturing, oil & gas, tele-communications as well as small-to-medium businesses which constitute 80-90% of businesses incorporated in Malaysia and ASEAN in general as a whole.

As testament of the versatility and robustness of EPT’s products and solutions, it has been successfully deployed across variety of demanding applications and environment such as backup, clustering, disaster recovery (via replication on-site and off-site), high-speed networking & communication, surveillance as well as for virtualization since 2008.

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